Swim Spas

Swim Spas provide the perfect solution for professional and amateur athletes alike who want to build on their aerobic or swimming skills at home.

Sun Spas offer high quality swim spas at affordable prices, including a variety of special offers with up to 50% discount on their RRP. Our range of Swim Spas includes the fantastic swim pro deluxe, suitable for 2 adults and can hold 7300 litres including 6 water pumps and extra features such as lighting effects to enhance your experience. We also offer the Swim pro Grande swim spa with a capacity of up to 4 adults

Anyone would love to have a swimming pool in their home but space, budget & time will stop anyone but the super-rich ever managing it. A swim spa is a fantastic alternative to this dream; not only is it smaller but it is considerably cheaper. You could install one in your home or in your garden.

You’ll feel the benefits of regular use swimming against the different current strengths of a typical swim spa. Using them on a regular basis can ensure you remain toned and fitand you can also relax and enjoy the massage effects.

Sun Spas also offer a range of swim spa accessories including replacement filters, surface cleaning mitts, and water cleaners. We can also offer you a range of bubbles and fragrances to give you more of a luxurious soak.

Why not contact Sun Spas on 08451 800 525 today and enjoy getting fit and relaxing with a swim spa. We can offer you help & advice on the use, maintenance or repair of our multitude of products. You can even compare different items with our handy ‘Compare’ feature.

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  1. Swim Pro Deluxe Swim Spa
    Swim Pro Deluxe Swim Spa

    Was: £19,900.00

    Now: £12,990.00

    Seating Capacity: 2 adults
    Water Capacity:    7300 Litres
    Dimensions Cm:   550x220x147
    Dimensions In:     216"x86.5"x58"
    Hot Tub Jets:        51 S-steel
    Water pumps:        6 (12hp)
    Air Pump:             Yes
    Extra Features:  O3,LED,Aroma
  2. Swim Pro Grande Swim Spa
    Swim Pro Grande Swim Spa

    Was: £30,000.00

    Now: £14,950.00

    Seating Capacity: 4 adults
    Water Capacity:    13000 Litres
    Dimensions Cm:    780x230x132
    Dimensions In:      307"x90.5"x52"
    Hot Tub Jets:         55 S-steel
    Water pumps:        8 (12.75hp)
    Air Pump:              Yes
    Extra Features:  O3, LED, Aroma, FM

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